• R71.50

    Great for the braai, our chicken flatties are marinated in our great tasting marinades. Choose from Lemon and Herb or Barbeque. Vacuum packed

    kg Portion size: 1.2 kg

    R63.41per kg

  • Apron


    Our apron is specially designed for use around the braai. Perfect for keeping the mess off your weekend clothes, this apron also has a “hands free” holder for your drink, bottle opener, braai glove and towel!

  • Specials

    Beef Biltong

    5.00 out of 5

    The best biltong on the block! Cut from A grade Silverside and with our special blend of spices, this is the perfect accompanIment to sundowners or while watching the big game!

    Portion size: 500g

    R257.50 per kg

  • Beef Ribs

    5.00 out of 5

    Our Beef Ribs are prepacked, pre-cooked and marinated. Perfect for the braai! Delivered frozen

    Portion size: 1 kg
  • Beef Roast


    Hot or cold, what could be nicer than a rare beef roast. Cut from A Grade Topside Beef, this is the perfect cut for a Sunday Lunch or a leisurely dinner.

    Portion size: 3kg

    R89.95 per kg

  • Specials

    Beef Sausage


    Pure minced beef plus our special blend of herbs, spices and rusk, in a thick sausage casing. Perfect as a breakfast sausage, or on the braai. 6 sausages in a pack

    Portion size: 600g

    R78.50 per kg

  • Beef Sosaties


    We use only rump or sirloin in our sosaties so that you are assured of the best flavour and tenderness. Marinated in our famous Grillhouse basting. 5 in a pack

    Portion size: 800g

    R112.44 per kg

  • Specials



    Our tried and tested recipe that many of our restaurant patrons keep coming back for. Made with a blend of traditional herbs and spices. Not packed as separate sausages

    Portion size: 1 kg

    R83.95 per kg

  • Chicken Sausage


    Minced chicken breasts and thighs plus our blend of spices and rusk make for a great alternative to beef sausages. Suited to pan-frying and especially good for breakfast fry-ups! 6 sausages in a pack

    Portion size: 600g

    R80.85 per kg

  • Chicken Sosaties


    Cut from Chicken Breasts and marinated in our chicken marinade, these sosaties are great as a starter or main meal. 5 sosaties in a pack

    Portion size: 800g

    R103.69 per kg

  • Chilli Snap Stix


    Our chiili stix have less moisture than our normal biltong, but are much spicier! A great partner to a cold beer

    Portion size: 500g

    R391.50 per kg

  • Specials

    Dry Wors


    We think our dry wors is the best there is on the market. We use less fat than most other butchers – you will taste the difference!

    Portion size: 500g

    R247.50 per kg