Sauces (Page 2)


  • Sauce-a-licious Monkey Gland 500ml


    A rich blend of tomato, apricot and onion with a hint of barbeque. This hearty sauce can be used as a dipping sauce for burgers and steaks.

  • Sauce-a-licious Mustard 500ml


    A tangy pourable mustard that is a great addition to sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs. It can also be used as an ingredient in dressings, glazes, sauces, soups and marinades.

  • Sauce-a-licious Peri Peri 500ml


    A rich and hot chilli sauce. Peri Peri is the perfect sauce to add zing to a meal or as a marinade for meat or chicken.

  • Sauce-a-licious Prego 500ml


    A delicious combination of creamy chilli sauce with just a hint of lemon. Prego sauce can be used as a table sauce, dipping sauce, a great marinade for steaks as well as an awesome addition to chicken livers.

  • Sauce-a-licious Red Wine & Garlic 500ml


    Red Wine & Garlic Sauce will add class and a rich taste to any red meat. Ideally used as a marinade.

  • Sauce-a-licious Secret Basting 500ml


    This secret sauce is packed with a secret blend of spices with a nutty undertone that will keep guests guessing. Best used as a marinade on all meats and poultry.

  • Sauce-a-licious Sweet & Sticky 500ml


    This sauce is rich and sweet and sticky with full barbeque flavour. This sauce makes the perfect marinade or basting sauce for ribs, meat or chicken, with its sweet barbeque flavours.