Pork Cuts

Pork Cuts

Pork Cuts
  • Back Bacon


    Our Back Bacon is produced from pork loin and is leaner than streaky bacon. It’s great as an accompaniment to eggs for breakfast, or in a legendary BLT sandwich.

    Portion size: 500g

    R139.70 per kg

  • Pork Loin Chops


    These top grade Pork chops are rind-on for which makes for extra flavour.

    Portion size: 1 kg (4 x 250g)

    R92.45 per kg

  • Pork Neck


    Whole Pork Neck

    Portion size: 2kg
  • Pork Rashers


    Sliced Pork Rashers

    Portion size: 1 kg

    R99.95 per kg

  • Pork Ribs


    Our Pork Ribs are prepacked, pre-cooked and marinated. Like our beef ribs, they are perfect for the braai! Delivered frozen

    Portion size: 1 kg

    R159.95 per kg

  • Pork Sausage


    Made from  minced pork and  our special blend of herbs, spices and rusk, in a medium-thick sausage casing. Perfect as an accompaniment to any breakfast fry-up or with mash. 6 sausages in a pack

    Portion size: 600g

    R94.75 per kg

  • Streaky Bacon


    Our Streaky Bacon is produced from pork belly and has more fat than Back Bacon. It’s perfect for wrapping around meat or in a sandwich. In our humble opinion, it’s best served crispy!

    Portion size: 500g

    R139.70 per kg