Chicken Cuts

Chicken Cuts

Chicken Cuts
Liven up your braai with a chicken flattie or two! Check out our selected chicken cuts here

Liven up your braai with a chicken flattie or two! Check out our selected chicken cuts here

  • Chicken Braaipack


    Pair this with our chicken marinade and chuck onto the braai! 8 pieces

    Portion size: 1.3 kg

    R52.96 per kg

  • Chicken Breast Fillets


    These sumptuous deboned breast fillets are lean and juicy. They are so versatile – use for Chicken Pregos or in a chicken salad

    Portion size: 1.15 kg

    80.38 per kg

  • Chicken Drums and Thighs


    Can’t decide between legs and thighs? Why not take both? 4 of each in the pack

    Portion size: 1.1 kg

    R72.23 per kg

  • Chicken Drumsticks


    The kids just love chicken legs. This 8 pack will keep them busy for a while

    Portion size: 750 g

    R73.27 per kg

  • Chicken flatties

    5.00 out of 5

    Great for the braai, our chicken flatties are marinated in our great tasting marinades. Choose from Lemon and Herb or Barbeque. Vacuum packed

    kg Portion size: 1.2 kg

    R66.46 per kg

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  • Chicken Sausage


    Minced chicken breasts and thighs plus our blend of spices and rusk make for a great alternative to beef sausages. Suited to pan-frying and especially good for breakfast fry-ups! 6 sausages in a pack

    Portion size: 600g

    R96.55 per kg

  • Chicken Sosaties


    Cut from Chicken Breasts and marinated in our chicken marinade, these sosaties are great as a starter or main meal. 5 sosaties in a pack

    Portion size: 800g

    R103.68 per kg

  • Chicken Thighs


    This cut goes equally well on the braai or in the oven. Also great as a Chicken Espetada. 6 in a pack

    Portion size: 1.3 kg

    R53.35 per kg

  • Chicken Wings


    The famous hot’n spicy Buffalo wings! Pair with our sweet and spicy sauce or our peri-peri sauce For the best hot snack around

    Portion size: 700 g

    R75.64 per kg

  • Whole Chickens


    Perfect as a roast with some potatoes and veggies. Our whole chickens are great for a family meal

    Portion size: 1.2 kg

    R53.54 per kg