Other accessories

Other accessories

Other accessories
  • Grillhouse Lemon Squeezer


    Need fresh lemon juice? The easiest way to squeeze is with our lemon squeezer

  • Grillhouse Wooden Biltong Cutter (Biltong Guillotine)


    If you love your biltong – you will love this biltong cutter. Great for slicing our whole biltong sticks

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    Jamie Oliver BBQ Tong


    18/8 Stainless steel and Acacia wood. These sturdy and rustic tongs are easy to use and easy to clean. Perfect for handling those big juicy steaks or the most delicate of fish and, if you’re a dedicated carnivore, they come into their own when you’re shredding meat.

  • Jamie Oliver Cheese Board

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    Jamie Oliver Park Portable Braai

    Whether you are heading to the park, a festival or just the back garden, Jamie’s Park Braai is the perfect fun cooking accessory for food on the go. Available in different colours with bright silicone grips, this portable braai is bound to brighten up any outdoor setting.

    Despite being light enough to carry, the Park grill is durable and tough with its enamel-coated lid making it last longer. As well as that, it’s packed with clever features that make cooking over charcoal easy, including curved grill trays to stop food falling through and adjustable ventilation to get the perfect airflow. It’s simple, practical, adaptable and easy to use. Designed by Jamie Oliver. Locking clips for easy storage and carrying.

    Detachable expander ring expands the height and aids in convection cooking as well as acting as a windbreak. Stylish silicone trims. Upper and lower ventilation rings allows for maximum control. Internal lid heat diffuser. Hard wearing with professional finishes. Cooking area diameter is 34,5cm.

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    Jamie Oliver To Go Portable Braai


    This fun shaped portable braai is perfect for grilling on the go. Get your grill on whenever you fancy. With its easy and lightweight design, it’s the perfect choice for fun food with minimal fuss. Cooks for 2-4 people. Durable steel body and legs. Adjustable ventilation system for perfect air circulation. Perfect braai to cook on the go. Upper and lower ventilation rings allow for maximum control. Locking clips for easy storage and carrying. Cooking height: 31cm. Cooking Area: diameter of 34,5cm.

  • Tescoma Aquaresist Beech Chopping Board


    Revolutionary chopping board which is dishwasher safe, excellent for chopping and dividing all kinds of foods. Made using a special technology with 9 layers of excellent beech wood.

  • Tescoma Cook’s Thermometer


    “Measures quickly (maximum 15 seconds) the temperature of meals, liquids, etc.,
    from 0 to 100°C. Made of high-grade stainless steel, with a protective envelope and clip to hang it up by. Dishwasher safe.”

  • Tescoma Long Gas Lighter


    Excellent for lighting gas cookers, ovens, barbecues, candles, etc., with adjustable flame size. Made of high-quality metal and plastic. Use standard lighter fluid for filling.

  • Tescoma Meat Fork Presto


    First class kitchen utensils for everyday use. Made of high-grade stainless steel and resistant plastic.

  • Tescoma Meat Mallet Presto


    Two-sided solid mallet for tenderising all sorts of meat. Made of special hardened plastic for a maximum effect and high resistance. Dishwasher safe.

  • Tescoma Opener UNO VINO – Bordeaux


    Excellent for easily opening all types of wine bottles including California wine bottles with a wide rim and luxurious and archive wine bottles with long corks. With a metal can opener.