Storing our Meat

Storing our Meat

Storing Meat

If you are chilling meat, the optimum temperature for your fridge is 3 -5˚C.

It is preferable to store raw meat at the bottom of your fridge away from other food items. Keep the products in their vacuum pack bags or containers until ready to use. Meat delivered in our plastic containers should be consumed within 4 days of delivery if not frozen. Please note that it is common for a strong smell to escape when a sealed pack of aged meat is exposed to air for the first time. This dissipates and does not mean the meat is off (particularly meat on the bone)

When freezing meat, we recommend freezing as soon as possible, and using the product within 3 months. Try to freeze the meat in its original packaging – if new packaging is used, make sure it is in a sealed (air tight) container and bag. The freezer should preferably be at -16˚C or below. The freezing process does not destroy nutrients in meat and poultry products during freezer storage – it will not affect the quality or taste.

Red meat can change colour during the freezing process, (and in vacuum bags) – the dark red or pale brown colour that may result is caused by a lack of oxygen, which is normal. On defrosting or opening of a vacuum bag, the colour will return.

Use the first in, first out rule so that food with a shorter shelf life is used first. It is a good idea to date the meat as it goes in so that you know when you froze it. The best way to thaw meat is slow thawing in the refrigerator – allow 24 hours to defrost. For quick thawing, make sure the meat is in leak-proof packaging and place in cold water.